Key Elements for Ultramodern Homes

The ultramodern design has been becoming more and more sought after. Such a design of a home has several key elements just like any other style does. If you are looking to have that ultramodern look in your own home than there a few features that you should add in order to achieve that.

Subway tiles

This kinds f tiles are somewhat present in other styles as well, but for an ultramodern design, subway tiles are the most common if not the main kind to look for. They can be featured in every room either wholly or partially. The subway tiles are quite versatile as well – they can be painted and that way you can add something extra to the space.

Weird angles

The ultramodern design relies on angles and shapes heavily. They should be catching the eye without being wonky. The angles should emphasize the sleek feel and surfaces of the room as well. Less hardware such as objects allows the edges and surfaces to shine through, and so they become the main attraction for the eye upon walking into the room.

Modern wallpaper

Wallpaper used for an ultramodern design should not be the usual floral or bright wallpaper. The right choice is to add something more plan but still catching the eye. Faux stone wallpaper will add the extra interest and look great in a more open room. If you would like to add something more than the faux stone wallpaper opt for a photo wall. It will fit better if the photos are in the greyscale.

Dark or white floors

The ultramodern design is heavily relying on a few colors such as black, white, and shades of gray. When it comes to the floor, the modern look feature one of the two extremes – super dark floors which add depth, or pristine white floors which elevate the space to make it feel bright and clean. The material is also something to think about. It can be a wooden floor of course but if you want to go all out then choose concrete or even glass. Of curse then the colors will be forgotten but the effect will be even stronger.

The lighting

The way a home is lit up is also a feature of the style that it is in. For the ultra modern look try to find recessed lighting which makes the room look like the walls themselves are illuminated naturally. Look for inconspicuous light or for lamps that have angles and shapes in the right colors especially if they are metal lamps.


Once the large object is all in their place, turn your attention to smallest pieces of décor. They need to tie in with the design you have established so far. For the ultra modern look, use mirrors in unusual shapes and skip on the large frames. Add chair that is acrylic or do not stand out too much. When it comes to plush décor such as pillows and throw blankets, make sure you tie them in with the color scheme. Luxurious white or black rugs on the floor will add the homey atmosphere without taking away from the ultra modern look. A few plants will also look good, and the greenery will even accentuate the design. Choose pots that fit the ultramodern look, and you will be good to go


Author: Katherine Nolan

Spent college summers buying and selling hobos in Washington, DC. Had moderate success short selling birdhouses in Jacksonville, FL. Spent college summers licensing sock monkeys in Africa.

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